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"In her art, Tina La Porta uses several media to explore mental illness
and her own experiences after being diagnosed schizophrenic.
"Chasing Rabbits," her most recent work, addresses the auditory hallucinations that can accompany schizophrenia."
--Colleen Dougher, Sun Sentinel

Recollections of My Splintering, 2013

In The Net, 2013

Chasing Rabbits, 2013

(Made at the Young At Art Museum)


Image Bank, 2011

(Made during the Photography to Prose Workshop at the Girls' Club Collection)


The Best Thing To Do, 2011

(Made during a Sound Art Workshop at the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space)


Hearing Voices, 2010
A suite of eight tracks
(Made during the Women's Multi-Media Workshop at the Girls' Club Collection)


Dystopia Mix, 2000