Digital Footprint




This work was originally streamed live and in real time as a response to the context of the Internet.

The thematic idea is based on the concept of the Trace. Ironically, my first web based work was created in the 1990's titled Traces. In that work I was interested in negotiating the space between the virtual and the real.  

For this new work I am interested in creating a digital footprint. This should be seen as a data trace left by my own activity within the digital environment. Digital Footprints are the capture, in an electronic fashion, of memories and moments-- sites visited and re-visited, over time.  

I intend to retrace my imagined digital footprint from file folders of images, personal web sites, google search links, satellite cams as well as archived messages from past communications made on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Verbally, I will speak from personal notatioins about networks and avatars to create an auditory dimension to the work.

Conceptually, this idea of the digital footprint leads me toward the direction of Psychogeography by way of the theory of the derive.

As we drift between the terrain that the internet offers us and the landscape we are physically located, the trace of our presence becomes simultaneous. Our experience of reality is layered; urban living is superimposed over our on-line existence.

Just as we are rooted in a physical location we meet and gather in many places and spaces on-line as well. These places where we gather will be visually identified in a time based collage of screen captures, text, images and sound.

Because this work is transmitted, traces of my presence unfold as a sign of my absence.